Thursday, March 14

Missing something

Assalammualaikum and Hello !

12.35 a.m , I still fresh ! I feel something missing . I need someone who I can share all my thoughts . I just need one right now :'(


Bye !

Saturday, March 9

Did you ever feel or through this situation ?

Assalammualaikum and Hello Readers !

Did you ever feel or through when you into someone new in your life but suddenly your past came up and tell you they miss you ? 

I did ! 

But , what is their point by saying " I miss you " ?

Maybe for them , it just a words . But for me , its a FEELING .

Feeling that come from your heart not mouth .

Who still into his ex's ? I am . But I have to move on and face new life . 

I have him . The one who make me strong , the one who pull me up when I'm down . 

But why I have to into my past , again ?! 

Be thankful for who been with you Faraziella ! Your past just a psycho in your life . 

Remember all the bad thing he had done to you . Everything that make you cry . Don't bother if he say something sweet until you regret why you let him go . You do it for a reason . Good reason ! 

Just remember you deserve better . 

Concentrate on your future . The one who with you now . 

Bye ! 

Friday, March 1

Hello March !

Assalammualaikum and Hello !

February is OVER ! Last entry aku on 20th January 2013 . That's mean 1 month suda aku x update pasal life aku . busy yang melampau nie buat aku lupa dengan kehadiran blog aku . fuhhh ! fuhhh ! habuk -.-'

Hello MARCH ! Please be nice with me . My February is a bit worst for me . But still have a good one . ONE ! Tapi , bersyukur lar kan , cause I'm still ALIVE ! Thanks Allah for the new life . Everyday is my new life . Breathe as a new one and go on until the last of my breathe . 

TOO MUCH story I wanna share here . But , not everything we can share right ? 

Project ! March adalah bulan outing bagi Semester 6 :) woootsss XD Kudat , Pitas , Tambunan , Penampang , Kota Kinabalu , Semporna and lastly Sandakan itself . phew -.-' Semua outing nie in 1 month . InsyaALLAH , semua berjalan lancar :)

Love ! Hmm , too happy pun tidak , too sad pun tidak . balance lar . but still xboleh puaskan hati saya ! but , kita xboleh puaskan hati semua org juga kan ? Lumrah manusia xpandai puas , mau extra extra dan EXTRA ! But , bersyukur lar , masih ada orang sayang , masih ada orang care and masih ada orang mau . HAHA 

Family ! Hmmmmmmmmm , panjang sikit :p Relationship dengan mamy a bit worse lar . But , like i said before , overcome ! InsyaALLAH raya nie balik Perak , jumpa all family dady and I miss them so much !

Lastly , doakan hidup saya diberkati . hehehehe

Bye !